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Sasha Ignite Bio

Sasha Savory - Lead Vocals

Sacha is an extremely passionate performer with an eclectic musical background, having performed in large choirs around Austria, Germany and Belgium, to singing in a covers band in France and Amsterdam.Sacha began singing at the age of 16 after falling in love with Musical Theatre, she studied Musical theatre at college whilst also being an integral member of Thomas Telford School Rock Choir. During her time in the choir Sacha performed at the Royal Albert Hall for two consecutive years, performing two of QUEEN’s classics, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Somebody to Love’. After leaving college Sacha performed in various musicals around the West midlands, before accepting a place at BIMM London Institute where she met the rest of ‘IGNITE’ and began performing with them in London, and has since performed with them in Amsterdam and France. Sacha has since graduated from BIMM London with a first class honours in Popular Music Performance.


Iain Mcfarlane Ignite Bio

Iain McFarlane -Drums

Iain has vast experience within the music industry, from playing rock festivals around Europe to small jazz gigs in Paris and Holland! Hailing from Largs on the west coast of Scotland Iain picked up the sticks at the age of 12 and never looked back. His first musical experiences were with his childhood best friends, they started a band and religiously played Nirvana and Blink 182 covers. As Iain got older he joined the academy jazz band where he expanded his musical knowledge and learned some key skills about playing as part of an ensemble. After leaving the academy Iain attended university in Scotland where he met some like minded musicians and formed a band called Shelf Life, the band went on to record and tour, playing around Scotland and doing some German festivals. Iain left shelf life in 2013 and moved to London to attend the music school BIMM where he studied popular music performance with a focus on drums. Since then he has been networking and honing his skills, while playing in a couple of cover bands.


Myles Peters Ignite Bio

Myles Peters - Guitar

Myles is a well rounded guitarist with lots of experience playing in different venues across England. Myles began playing the guitar at the ages of 16 and has never looked back. One of his favourite shows was playing with members from the royal philharmonic orchestra in front of the queen. After finishing sixth form he went off to study at BIMM London and this is where he met the rest of the band members. As a band they have now been together for about a year and have played numerous shows, which included shows abroad.!



Keshav Kanabar Ignite Bio

Keshav Kanabar - Bass

Guitarist of 13 years, Luke Stone, has had varied musical experiences from performing with Pendulum’s Perry Gwynedd, to playing in session working with Alphaville’s, David Goodes throughout 2015. He is now playing live and in the studio for Raya Rose, a Pop-Rock phenomenon, which has taken him on a UK on a tour with much more to come. Luke is a lover of Funk and Northern Soul, or pretty much anything with a decent groove and is inspired by artists such as James Brown, Steve Cropper and Jimi Hendrix.













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